Privacy Policy

Important upatde regarding personal data collection from Unity3D

The game engine used to build Charlie’s adventure Unity3D , contains internal features that cause the engine to access an identifier named Android ID that is unique to your device and user account, We have been in touch with Unity’s team regarding this issue and it is being worked on, We can confirm, after testing thoroughly, that your Android ID is not used in any way and in fact does not leave your device.

We are going to keep this privacy policy updated in order to keep you and your family informed, and as soon as we have worked out a solution, we will update the game engine to ensure your Android ID is no longer being accessed.

We apologise for this inconvenience and we always strive to earn your trust and protect your privacy.

Your children’s privacy and yours are important to us here at Loomian.
Therefore we do not ask for, collect or retain any personal information.
Charlie’s adventure may collect anonymous, non-identifiable usage statistics to help us know which parts of the game is working as it should and which parts we should remove, for example:
  • Checking if the player has watched the intro scene or skipped it.
  • Checking how long into the intro was watched before it was skipped.
  • Number of losses on each level.
  • Number of retries on each level.
  • Location where Charile is lost in each level.
  • Play time duration.
  • Number of retries on each level.
  • Number of cookies collected on each level.
Additionally, We also collect anonymous unidentifiable Crash reports that may include information as the following where available:
  • Operating system version.
  • Device model.
  • Screen size.
  • Carrier.
  • System Architecture.
  • IP address.
  • Country.

Additionally, you may read Unity3D’s own privacy policy

If you have any questions, concerns, please contact us directly by email: